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Home improvements

a new look for Collyhurst
a new look for Collyhurst

(photo: copyright Brian Ormerod)

Since 2005, we have made improvements worth hundreds of millions of pounds across our homes. These include everything from new bathrooms and kitchens to new heating systems and insulation.

Find out what improvements we're making in your area

Do-it-yourself (DIY) improvements

Are there improvements you would like to make to your home yourself?

Whether it’s something as big as putting up a garage or something easier like laying laminate flooring, you must get our permission first. This is to make sure that the work will not lead to any accidental damage to your home, but is also to keep you safe. We are aware that some Northwards properties contain asbestos. This is perfectly safe as long as it is not disturbed (e.g. by drilling, sawing and sanding). For more information, read our asbestos FAQs.

To get our permission, please download and complete the below application form.

Please note - you must have a clear rent account before we will give permission to make any changes to the property. Also, we will not give permission to install wood burning or solid fuel appliances due to the health and safety risks and legal responsibilities they would cause.


Apply to make an improvement (PDF 328kb)

Do you need specialist adaptations because of a disability?

You can find out more on our 'Independent Living' page.