Domestic abuse

How we can help: the choices

There is no right or wrong way to solve domestic abuse. If you are experiencing abuse we will help you choose the solution that suits you. Here are the choices we can offer; you may go for more than one.

Emergency legal protection

In some cases of violence or threatened violence we can go to court to get the fast and immediate protection of a legal order like an injunction (with the power to arrest the perpetrator if they break its conditions) or an Asbo to stop the perpetrator's abuse. The perpetrator will not get advance warning. In some cases we can remove the perpetrator from the home.

Fitting a safe room: the Sanctuary Scheme

The Sanctuary Scheme is for people who could become homeless because of continuing abuse from someone who has left their home. By fitting free security measures they can stay living in their home, and feel safer. If you use the scheme we create a safe room in your home, often the main bedroom. We replace the door with a special solid-core version that only opens outwards. It includes steel hinges, bolts and a viewer. We can add other security too - like extra locks on windows and doors, window grilles, gates and anti-arson letterboxes.

Moving home

People experiencing domestic abuse may get emergency rehousing priority, but they may still have to wait up to two years - depending on the area they want and the type of home they need. Find out more about rehousing. We may be able to provide temporary accommodation for up to 28 days to give you time to consider a more permanent solution.

Removing the perpetrator

Have you left your home because of domestic abuse? Are you and the perpetrator joint-tenants (meaning your name is on the tenancy agreement)? You can end the tenancy yourself - which automatically ends the tenancy as a whole. This means the perpetrator has to move out. If they refuse to leave, we can go to court to get permission to evict them from the property. We can then start a new tenancy for you, and you can move back in.

Using other agencies

See how other agencies can help.

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