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August 26 2016 | Articles | News
Dame Gracy Bringing Some Glamour To Victoria Square

(Pic: Dame Gracy, bringing some glamour to Victoria Square)

Did you know that Victoria Square is home to a veteran drag queen?

Graham Giles, also known as Dame Gracy was dragged out of retirement to support Retired not Expired, our campaign, celebrating north Manchester’s quirkiest pensioners.

Graham, aged 62, was part of the original team that launched Manchester’s annual Pride event, celebrating equality and challenging discrimination against LGBT people. He attends the event every year and still dresses up on special occasions.

More recently, he’s swapped stilettos for wellies after discovering a love of gardening.

Graham cares for the beautiful gardens at Victoria Square, growing vegetables which he shares with his neighbours.

He said: “I’ve now become one of these 'older people'. There’s a perception that once you reach a certain age you’re done. Well it’s just not true, we have so many stories to tell and so many memories to share.”

Retired not Expired is our campaign to help combat loneliness in older people, by sharing inspiring stories and encouraging them to try something new.

Are you retired not expired? Contact Louise on 0161 720 5873 or email:

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