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November 06 2017 | Articles | News
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Please be wary of compensation companies that could cost you the earth.

We know that a number of tenants are being contacted by companies who say they can help you claim compensation if repairs haven’t been done, or if you think they haven’t been done properly.

We will always respond to repair requests and carry out the work as soon as possible and to the highest possible standard, so please contact us first. We take all complaints about repairs very seriously. You can make a complaint to us here.

The Risks

If you sign up with a compensation company, you will be tied into a complex legal process, and possibly a court case.

If you lose in court, you could be asked to pay a bill for legal costs. This could be several thousands of pounds. Even if you are entitled to compensation, you will not receive 100% of that compensation. Some will be taken to cover legal expenses.

Northwards will defend all cases and has a good record in doing so.

Any money we spend on defending these claims means less money to spend on looking after your homes and your communities.

Order a repair

If you need a repair, please contact us as soon as possible. You can order a repair through this website or ring us on 03000 123 123.

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