Going greener

February 03 2016 | Articles | News
Northwards Home Improvements Manager Elliot Simm Looking Out At North Manchester Over Solar Panels On The Roof Of Northwards Somerton Court

(Home improvements manager Elliot Simm, looking out over north Manchester from Somerton Court, Charlestown)

After fitting thousands of energy-saving heating and power systems, we're going even further to tackle climate change by training our staff to shrink their carbon footprints.

Our employees will learn how they can significantly reduce their impact on the environment through small, practical steps, both at home and in the work place.

The training is part of an exciting initiative across Greater Manchester, aimed at helping the region’s residents learn more about how they affect climate change. It covers the science behind the phenomenon – how and why it’s happening – and gives clear advice on ways we can each make a positive difference.

Technology is only part of the solution

We've worked for many years to make environmental improvements across our homes - from solar PV panels to literally ground-breaking ground-source heating systems.

But technology is only part of the solution - the choices we make every day are just as important when it comes to saving energy.  

Northwards chief executive Robin Lawler said: “After the Paris climate change conference last year, politicians finally agreed to a plan to help cut carbon and slow down global warming.

“But governments can't tackle climate change alone - it's down to all of us.

“Every member of staff at Northwards will go through a day’s worth of training. It’s a really good way to learn and find out a lot about how global warming comes about and what we can do to help. Even small steps can make a big difference.”

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