Could these four tips save you a ton of money?

January 08 2016 | Articles | News
Naila Giving A Tenant An Energy Monitor

(Naila has saved  Northwards tenants hundreds of pounds. Read number four below to see how she could do the same for you)

Colder weather is forecast for next week. These four tips could see you make big savings on your energy bills.

1. Change to a cheaper energy supplier in minutes

It's quick, it's easy and could save you loads. Check out to see how much you could save.

2. Use energy saving lightbulbs

The amount you'll save is amazing.

Typically, nearly 20% of the electricity we use goes on our lights.

So if the average electricity bill in the UK is £504 a year, that means - on average - our lightbulbs cost us £100.80p over 12 months.

Energy saving bulbs use up to 80% less energy than traditional bulbs. So if you don't use them, and you spend £100 a year on lighting, they could slash your costs to just £20.

3. Turn your thermostat down a tiny bit

For every degree you turn it down, you save 10% on your gas bill.

The average gas bill in the UK is £752 a year. So if that's what you pay and your thermostat was set to 21 degrees all year round, you would...

  • save £75.20 if you set it to 20 degrees
  • save £150.40 if you set it to 19 degrees
  • save £225.60 if you set it to 18 degrees

...and so on. The savings are massive.

4. Speak to Naila

"The biggest single saving I’ve made for a tenant is about £800."

So says our energy advisor Naila. She can help you slash your bills and also give you a free energy monitor which can tell you exactly how much electricity each item in your house is using at that moment.

Drop her an email to find out how she can help you:

Or feel free to come to her next energy advice event:

Wednesday 27 January 2016
10am - 12pm
Lalley Centre
St Malachy’s RC Primary School, Basement
Eggington St
M40 7RG

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