A fresh start on Moxley Road

May 16 2016 | Articles | News
Moxley Road

We've revamped 13 homes in Crumpsall.

The properties are one-and-two bed flats on Moxley Road that Manchester City Council bought last year.

We're really pleased as we don't have a great deal of property in Crumpsall, so it's great to be able to offer more homes around here.


We've done a lot of work on the properties, including fully re-wiring them and installing new heating and insulation.

Two of them were small bedsits which we've combined to make a much more attractive two-bed flat.

"I've wanted this for a long time"

Muhammad Ijaz Dar
Muhammad Ijaz Dar

Muhammad Ijaz Dar (pictured) recently moved into one of the flats.

He said: "I've been watching them do up the properties for a while. I was really excited to get the keys.

"I was renting privately and it had been very difficult to get repairs and things done. That's one of the reasons I wanted to move into a Northwards flat - you believe that they are going to do what they say they will do."

Muhammad, who is working as a traffic warden, added: "I've wanted this for a long time so I'm very happy."

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