We are all in this together

We Are All In This Together

27 March 2020

Thank you to all our customers who are supporting our efforts to slow the spread of Covid-19.

It’s early days in the lockdown and we wanted to share a few tips with you to help keep your home life running as smoothly as possible whilst we are unable to support you as usual.

Blocked loos

Every year, it costs us around £100K to sort out blocked drains, which in many cases could be avoided if we are careful with what we put down the loo.

Just the three 'Ps' folks – pee, poo and paper (toilet paper)! But if you do have a blockage, check out our handy video - you may be able to fix it yourself:

Here are some other videos explaining simple DIY jobs and what to do if your boiler or electric goes off which you might find useful:

five repair jobs you can fix in minutes

Lost keys / fobs

We replace a lot of lost keys and fobs every year. Please take extra care of them - with the restrictions in place across all businesses, it will take much longer to organise any replacements.

Worried about money?

We’re keeping an eye on changes to the benefits system. We have a dedicated section on our website which includes the most up to date information as we get it:

Guidance for those whose income is affected by coronavirus

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