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All Northwards tenants must keep their gardens looking decent. It’s part of our Tenancy Agreement.

Help with your garden

We run a very limited free gardening service which some tenants who are unable to do the work themselves can apply for.

How to apply for help with your garden

You will only be considered if:

1. Everyone living in the home is over 75 and unable to keep the garden in a reasonable condition

2. You receive Housing Benefit or a pension which pushes you just over the Housing Benefit threshold

3. You are a secure Northwards tenant or leaseholder

4. You are less than £100 in rent arrears

5. You are not in breach of your tenancy


Everyone in the home is 65 or over, gets Attendance Allowance and is unable to keep their garden in a reasonable condition


Everyone in the home receives either the enhanced rate of the Daily Living Component and/or the enhanced rate of the Mobility Component of a claim for Personal Independence Payment (PIP). 

If you meet all of the above criteria, apply for help with your garden.

Public green spaces

Manchester City Council is responsible for most public green spaces across north Manchester. Please report any public green space issues to Manchester City Council.


Got a problem with a tree?

If the tree is in your garden, or the garden of another Northwards property, please report the tree problem to us.

If the tree is in the street or on open land, please report the tree problem to Manchester City Council.

Problem gardens

If you have an issue with a nearby garden, let us know – report a problem garden.

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