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Emergency or urgent repairs

All the below are classed as urgent repairs. Those with the word "emergency" in brackets next to them will usually be ordered as emergency repairs.

Bath, shower and sink

  • Blocked sink or bath, or no water coming from the taps
  • Broken shower 

Bursts, leaks and water problems

  • Bursts or leaks
  • Any burst, leak or water problem that is affecting electrics (emergency)
  • No cold water 

Doors (outside)

  • Broken lock if it makes your home insecure or stops you getting in or out of your home (emergency)
  • Broken door if it makes your home insecure and you have reported the incident to the police and provided a crime number (emergency)
  • Broken communal doors to multi-storey blocks, retirement blocks and maisonette blocks (emergency)
  • Broken communal doors to walk-up flats 

Electricity and lighting

  • Complete power failure (emergency)
  • Power off in part of the home
  • Complete loss of lighting (emergency)
  • Lighting off in part of the home
  • Bare wires, cracked plug socket covers or damaged switches (emergency)
  • An electrical fitting is smoking or scorching (emergency)
  • No communal lighting
  • Broken extractor fans
  • Broken automatic barrier & gate, CCTV, door entry, emergency lighting, fire alarm, intruder alarm, TV aerial or warden call systems in block of flats

Heating/hot water

  • No heating or hot water between October 1st and March 31st (emergency - except if you have a separate gas/electric fire or you can boil water)
  • No heating or hot water between April 1st and September 30th
  • Several homes have no heating because of a broken district heating system (emergency)
  • Taps can’t be turned off and turning off the stop cock doesn’t stop the water 

House fire

  • Electricity wiring and gas pipe work check (emergency)


  • Faulty lifts in multi-storey blocks and retirement schemes (emergency)
  • Faulty  domestic lifts 


  • Blocked refuse chute in a multi-storey block 

Structural damage

  • Damage to roofs (including leaks), chimney stacks, walls, floors, ceilings and stairs


  • Blocked toilet
  • Toilet that won't flush
  • Blocked drains 


  • Broken window

If you think you have an emergency

Please call us on 03000 123 123 - please DON'T order these online. This is so that we can help you as quickly as possible.

If you have an urgent repair

Please use the button below to begin your order.

If you try to order a repair that isn't listed above, we will not be able to book it for you.

order an urgent repair 

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