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Damp and mould problems

Mould stains are usually caused by having too much condensation in your home.

Whenever we do things like cooking, bathing, drying clothes or even just breathing, we put moisture into the air.

When this moisture lands on a cold surface, it turns to condensation, causing mould stains like these:

Mould on a wall
Mould near a window
Mould on a wall
Mould near a window

How to get rid of mould stains
  • Wipe down any affected walls, ceilings and window frames with a fungicidal wash. You can buy this from most supermarkets or DIY shops.
  • If the mould is on your clothes, dry clean or machine wash them.
  • If your carpet is affected, shampoo it to remove the stains.
7 easy ways to stop mould stains growing

To stop mould, you have to cut down on the amount of moisture in your home and keep it warm. Here’s seven ways to do just that:

  1. Keep your home heated above 15 degrees.
  2. Keep your kitchen door shut when cooking, and your bathroom door shut when having a bath or a shower.
  3. If you have an extractor fan in your bathroom or kitchen, switch it on whenever you boil water or have a bath or shower. Leave it on for ten minutes after you’ve stopped. If you don’t have an extractor fan, simply open a window instead.
  4. Keep lids on saucepans whilst cooking.
  5. Make sure your tumble dryer is vented outside.
  6. Don’t put wet clothes on radiators. If you dry indoors, use a clothes airer in a room with either an open window or a window with trickle vents, and keep the door shut.
  7. Open bedroom windows when you wake up in the morning to let fresh air into the room. If you need to shut them and your window has trickle vents, leave these open to remove moist air throughout the day.

If you think that the cause of the mould isn’t condensation, please order a repair and we will come and investigate.

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