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Have your say on how we let our homes

Manchester City Council (MCC) is asking for your views on changes they are planning to make to their 'rehousing rules'.

MCC use these rules - which they call their "allocation scheme" - to decide who gets priority for their social rented homes. At Northwards Housing, we have to follow these rules when renting out the homes that we manage.

The main changes they are suggesting are:

  • to join the register, you’ll have to have been resident in the city for a continuous two-year period (subject to some exceptions, such as people owed a homelessness duty by MCC)
  • the amount of savings you can have and still be considered for social housing will reduce from £75,000 to £30,000 in most cases
  • most homeowners will no longer qualify
  • people who qualify because of overcrowding get different priority based on the level of overcrowding. People who are overcrowded by just one bedroom (unless they live in one-bedroomed accommodation or live in someone else’s home) will get less priority than other people in housing need (including homeless people and people overcrowded by two or more bedrooms)
  • people will no longer get extra priority based on being a working household or making a community contribution – priority will be based on need alone

The changes are expected to be introduced in 2020 and will apply to all applicants, including people already on the register.

MCC is asking all housing providers, including Northwards, to comment on the proposed changes. If you would like us to take into account your views in our response to the council, please email your views to us on by Friday 19th July 2019.

You can also share your views with MCC directly: answer the council's questionnaire any time up until Friday 30th August 2019.

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