Apply for a mutual exchange

Terms and conditions

(a) You must be prepared to accept the property into which you propose to move in its present condition and agree that any alterations carried out by the current tenant will be your responsibility to maintain, replace and/or re-instate as required (save only where the landlord has agreed to repair and maintain the same).

(b) You understand that failure by any party to take up permanent residence in the new home will result in you having to move back to your original tenancy.

(c) If the proposed exchange is authorised by the landlords concerned, you certify that no monetary or other consideration will be offered or accepted by any party

(d) You understand that any false or intentionally misleading statement or withholding relevant information now or at any subsequent date will result in your tenancy being terminated.

By completing the form below, you agree to having read and understood the above and certify that the information you are giving is true and correct to the best of your knowledge.

You also understand that:

- the completion of this form doesn’t constitute an agreement to the proposed exchange

- You must not move out until permission is received in writing from Northwards Housing

- If you have a joint tenancy, both of you will have to agree to the mutual exchange. The same will apply to your exchange partners.

Apply online below. To apply via post, please download our mutual exchange form (PDF 424KB) and post it to Northwards Housing, White Moss Road, Blackley, M9 6NZ.


Begin your application

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