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Exchange your home

You could find a new home sooner by swapping with another Northwards tenant, or a tenant of another social housing landlord in Manchester or other parts of the country.

There are some circumstances in which we would not allow you to exchange your home. Click below for details:

Circumstances in which we would not let you swap

These could include:

1. The tenancy is subject to a court order.

2. The tenancy is subject to a current notice of seeking possession.

3. Legal action has been taken against the tenant because of anti-social behaviour or the matter is waiting to be heard before the courts.

4. The property the tenant wishes to move to is too large or too small for their needs (according to Manchester City Council's Rehousing Rules).

5. The property was let because of employment and forms part of, or is in the grounds of, a non-housing building.

6. The property has features designed for people with disabilities, or people of a certain age, and the exchange would result in no one with the relevant needs living there.

If you're not sure whether we'll allow you to swap or not, please contact us.

Find a swap online

Use Homeswapper to look for a swap.

On Facebook? Check out the Northwards Housing Swap Shop

If you find another tenant who is willing to swap homes with you, both of you must contact your housing officers by letter in order to arrange the exchange.

What happens next? 

If we agree to the exchange, your housing officer will arrange to visit your property to check the condition and sort out any outstanding repairs. If everything is fine, the swap can go ahead. The time scale for an exchange is usually around 4 - 6 weeks. 

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