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Filming Request

Please complete our form to carry out filming at any site or location across north Manchester that is managed by Northwards Housing.

We use the term "filming" to cover any kind of recording using a camera, from filming with a handheld camera to feature films.

The form is four pages long. When you click the "next" and "submit" buttons, please give the site time to change page.

Please note

For all filming projects, you are required to have public liability insurance to a minimum of £5million for each shoot. You will need to upload a copy of this on page four. If you are from a school or college, this may be available through your organisation.

We will also require an appropriate health and safety risk assessment from you before we give permission to film. Where appropriate, this MUST include the following hazards (if there are any hazards associated with your shoot that are not listed below, please include these with your assessment as well):

  • slips/trips/falls
  • access/egress
  • manual handling
  • electrical equipment and electric shock
  • first aid
  • fire prevention/evacuation procedures
  • working at height
  • noise/high sound levels
  • weather
  • protection of the public
  • welfare facilities
  • lighting equipment stability
  • traffic risks - road safety when filming on the street
  • props/equipment
  • explosives/pyrotechnics
  • special visual effects (rain/snow/fire/smoke/dry ice/hear etc.)
  • hydraulic hosts (cherry pickers)
  • Location catering
  • Night operations
  • Use of vehicles
  • Personal abuse/violence/public disorder
  • needle stick injuries (hypodermics and syringes)
  • use of drones
  • fatigue/over exertion

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