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Reviewing our work

We regularly keep an eye on how we're doing to make sure that the services we provide meet the standards that we set.

One of the ways we do this is with performance reports every three months. Take a look at our performance reports.


Another way we measure how well we’re doing is to compare ourselves with similar landlords across England. Take a look at how we compare.

Satisfaction survey

Every two years, we send a satisfaction survey to all of our tenants and publish the results.

You can view the results of the satisfaction survey in full here (PDF 1.84MB) or watch the below video for highlights:

Across the board, the majority of people are still saying they are generally satisfied (with most percentages in the 70s and 80s). However, the figures are mostly lower than last time, so we’re paying very close attention. We know that more tenants than before say things such as dumped rubbish, litter and anti-social behaviour are problems in their area.

We’re glad that the results suggest that, generally, people are still relatively satisfied during a time where funding for services has been tight and there’ve been changes locally (such as to bins, policing and grounds maintenance) outside of our control.

Bearing these challenges in mind, we will be working with council staff and other agencies such as the police to do all that we can to address the issues that you’ve told us about. Going forward, we will review each area of our service to make sure it functions as well as it can – a process we’ve already started to do over the last year or so. We will also grow the tenancy management side of our work to help tackle some of the issues you’ve raised, particularly working to reduce environmental problems such as dumped rubbish and problems with bins.

Let us know your thoughts

This survey is just one of the ways in which we get feedback. We look at the results alongside other sources too. Here’s some of the best ways you can have a say...

Join the Northwards Network

A good low-commitment option. If you are a tenant and you would be interested in taking part in online surveys, being consulted by text or attending the occasional event, email to join.

Join Tenants’ View

Tenants’ View are a group of tenants who investigate our performance and make recommendations to our senior management team. Find out more about Tenants’ View.

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