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Who we are, what we do

Northwards Housing is a not-for-profit ALMO (arms length management organisation) that manages over 13,000 City Council homes across the following areas of north Manchester:


Please see below for details about the company, our board, how we deal with data protection and freedom of information requests and much more.

Company details

Registered in England company number 05435061

Company Type: Private, limited by guarantee, no share capital

Chief Executive: Robin Lawler

Registered office:

6th floor

Hexagon Tower

Crumpsall Vale


M9 8GQ

Tel: 0161 720 5800

Our vision and values

In December 2011, we consulted with tenants, employees and partners to come up with a new vision and values. Here's what happened:

Our vision is:

"We will make a difference in north Manchester by helping to make it a place where people choose to live, learn and work. Affordable, energy-efficient homes and strong community pride will make our neighbourhoods thrive."

Our values are:

  • Putting People First
  • Supporting Communities to be Successful
  • Spending Money Wisely
Annual report

Take a look at our latest Annual Report (PDF 323KB).

Watch this video for some of our highlights from 2016-17:

Our board

A 12-person board of volunteers, including four Northwards tenants, manages the organisation. The board makes policies and plans for Northwards, sets our wider aims and objectives and makes sure that the staff working day-to-day are meeting standards.

Meet the board – learn more about the people who make up our board.

Board meetings – find out what's on the agenda for the next meeting or read minutes and non-confidential reports from previous ones. 

Timetable of meetings (PDF 164kb) - see when the board and their sub-committees will be meeting. 

Want to find out more? Ask to attend a board meeting.

Our service standards

We have set various standards across our business to provide you with the best service possible. Find out more about our service standards.

Reviewing our work

We regularly keep an eye on how we're doing to make sure that the services we provide meet the standards that we set. Find out more about how we review our work.

Tenants' View

Tenants’ View is a group of Northwards tenants who help to keep our standards high by investigating our performance.

Learn more about Tenants’ View.

Get involved

Tenants and Residents Groups

There are a lot of different tenants and residents groups (TRGs) across our neighbourhoods. Your local TRG may focus on housing issues, or it may be involved in all kinds of things in your community. Find your nearest TRG.

Interested in starting your own TRG? Our resident involvement team can help you to set up and run your own group. They can provide advice, support and training as well as help you to apply for grant funding. Ask for help to start a tenants and residents group.

Tenants' View

Tenants’ View is a group of Northwards tenants who help to keep our standards high by investigating our performance.

Learn more about Tenants’ View.

Northwards Network

If you have opinions about how Northwards could do better, the perfect way to tell us is by joining the Northwards Network.

If you are a tenant, and you would be interested in any of the following...

  • taking part in online surveys
  • being consulted by text
  • attending events

...then email to join the Northwards Network today.

Freedom of information requests

The Freedom of Information Act gives you the legal right to ask to see lots of information that we produce, such as:

  • information about our performance
  • our policies and procedures

The Act says that we must:

  • deal with requests for information and queries promptly
  • advise and assist you with making requests for information
  • help you understand any information we provide

You can find a lot of information about Northwards throughout the pages of this website. But if you're after more in-depth details about how we work (such as our policies, procedures, strategies and more), you will find these in our 'publication scheme'.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or would like a paper copy, please email with details of what specifically you would like to see. We will acknowledge your request and send what you have asked for within 20 working days.


Data protection

The  law gives you the legal right to see information we hold about you and, where it is possible, to provide it to you in a way that suits you.

It says that we must:

  • decide how long we keep information
  • make sure any personal information we keep is accurate, held safely and securely and not kept for longer than we need it  
  • deal with requests for information and queries promptly
  • advise and assist you with making requests for information
  • help you understand any information we provide
  • tell you if we lose personal information and if you could be affected

We receive information about you in two main ways:

1. you give us most of the information we hold when you fill in forms before you become a tenant and during your tenancy

2. other agencies that work with you, such as Manchester City Council or the police, sometimes pass on personal information to us

How do we use this information?

If you apply for a home, we use information you give us about your rehousing needs to decide what kind of home you need and how quickly you need to move there. When you become a tenant, we use your personal information to help us manage your home and the surrounding neighbourhood, such as the kind of support and services you need.

How do we share the information?

We share your information with other agencies like the council, or the police, but only when we need to - for example to prevent crime or provide extra support. We ask them to keep the information safe and remove it from their files when they no longer need it.

Data matching

As part of the National Fraud Initiative, we may share information about our tenants with other public bodies to pinpoint any fraudulent activity and to stop fraud happening in the future. We are committed to making sure that no one is living in our homes who shouldn't be and we're working with Manchester City Council to make sure that public money is spent properly. This work helps us to reduce the number of frauds in housing benefit and in tenancy agreements to make the system fairer. 

'Families with complex needs'

We will also provide the council with certain data about people who have been the subject of anti-social behaviour interventions. This is to enable those people to be considered for help under Manchester City Council's 'Complex Families' Programme. Click the link for more details.

Our 'Be Well' service

We share information with the NHS for our customers who choose to use this service, but we will always ask for your consent first.  

How can you see the information we keep about you?

You have the right to see any of the information we hold about you. To ask for the information, complete our information request form.

We will acknowledge your request and send what you have asked for within a month. In exceptional circumstances, if it takes us longer, we will explain why and provide you with a realistic due date.

What if you're unhappy with how we keep your information?

If you feel that the way we use or keep your information is inaccurate or out of date, you can contact us and ask us to change the information we have or stop using the information.

We do not have to do that if:

  • you have said we can use the information (such as for your housing application)
  • we are using it to provide a service to you (such as maintaining your home)
  • we must use the information by law (such as in anti-social behaviour cases or criminal activities)

If you have any questions about the information we hold, you can ask to speak to our Data Protection Officer by emailing them directly at or completing our information request form.

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