We can keep people safe

July 19 2019 | Articles | News
Andrea Worrall

Our community safety team are the eyes and ears of our neighbourhoods.

They work with colleagues across the organisation who tell them about things that don't seem quite right when they are out and about.

This can cover all sorts of concerns. A surveyor may be bothered about the condition of a property, or one of our housing officers may be worried about an older person not coping at home.

That's where the community safety team step in. They follow up all concerns and have the networks and contacts to help people access the services they need to live safe and healthy lives.

"If things don't seem quite right with a neighbour, then please tell us about it"

Andrea Worrall (pictured) leads the team and she is keen to hear from tenants who might be worried about a neighbour. "If things don't seem quite right with a neighbour, then please tell us about it," she said. "We really can help. It only takes a minute to pick up the phone or drop us an email and then you've done your bit. No concern is too small; you are never wasting our time."

There are signs to look out for which can suggest a person may need a helping hand. Poor property condition can be a sign of other issues, so if a home is particularly dirty and the person looks as if they can't manage, tell us about it.

A good test is to ask yourself "would I want a member of my family living in these conditions?". If the answer is no, it's time to contact us.

Not every report to the team turns out to be serious, but we treat each one with the utmost care and respect. Together, we are making north Manchester safer.

Contact us and remember - if there is any immediate danger, always call the emergency services first.

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