We are here to help if you are struggling with rent

January 04 2019 | Articles | News
Money Matters Team (1)

(Northwards' Money Matters Team can give you advice)

Northwards can help you - and it all starts with a conversation...

That’s why we contact tenants who are behind with their rent and we now have a new way of getting in touch. We’re using automated phone calls to contact tenants who owe money.

Automated phone calls

This means tenants will receive a recorded call - from 0161 259 0789 - asking them to get in touch, free of charge, to discuss their rent with a member of the team.

If you miss the call, we’ll send a text message, letting you know we tried. If you ring us back, you’ll be charged for the call but we can ring you straight back.

It’s really important that tenants think ‘rent first’ when it comes to their spending so they can enjoy a safe and secure home. If you need money advice, please contact Northwards’ Money Matters team (pictured above).

Safe and secure

We know people can be cautious about answering calls from unknown numbers - and for good reason! Due to increasing numbers of telephone scams and telemarketing calls, it can be difficult to know what is and isn't a ‘real’ automated message.

We will never ask you to give any information directly to the automated caller. You will always deal with one of our rent team to discuss your rent account, who will go through standard data protection questions with you. This will normally include your name and date of birth, but we will never ask you for bank or card details unless we are processing a payment to your rent account and data protection checks have already been completed.

We will never ask you to send us personal or financial information via text message.

The calls will be made during office hours initially and the aim is to collect even more rent so we can run all the services tenants need. It will hopefully free up staff time to concentrate on other things like supporting tenants with complex Universal Credit cases.

If you have any concerns regarding an automated call, please ring our customer service centre on 03000 123 123.

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