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October 08 2019 | Articles | News
Could These Things Help You

Are you getting the most out of being a Northwards tenant?

Northwards can help you with more than you may realise. Could you benefit from some of these things? Find out below: 

Get funding

Our Eric Hobin Community Sponsorship Fund has grants of up to £500 available to anyone who either lives or works in north Manchester and has an idea to benefit the area. The fund has helped all sorts of community groups, from dance troupes to holiday clubs. Got an idea? Apply for funding now.

Slash your bills

Want to stop paying as much for your gas and electricity? Our energy advisor Naila has helped 320 tenants to save a total of £44,840 in the last year alone! See how much you could save - contact Naila by emailing

Would you like help to:

  • get all the benefits you’re entitled to?
  • open a bank account (this helps your credit rating)?
  • manage your bills?

If so, our Money Matters team are here for you - find out more about them.

Need help finding a job or launching your own business?

If the answer is “yes”… then the answer is yes!

yes is a social enterprise we helped to set up with Manchester City Council. They have helped hundreds of local people to find fantastic jobs, get training and even set up their own businesses. Check out yes to make your dream job a reality.

If you’re not feeling OK, ‘Be Well’ is here for you

If you’re going through a tough time or finding it hard to cope, check out ‘Be Well’. It’s a support service we help to run with the NHS and others. It helps people with everything from stopping smoking to stress and loneliness. Find out more about how Be Well could help you.

Living independently

We work with other agencies to provide services to tenants that help them to live independently and keep them safe. This includes the Housing Options for Older People (HOOP) service, which helps people over 50 to either find a new home that’s better for their needs or make their current home more suitable.

Helping local kids to learn

The ‘Urban Crew’ project brings children together from 13 different primary schools to learn new skills. The program, which we set up with the Manchester Communication Academy, gives pupils some fascinating opportunities. For example, during an ‘Enterprise Day’, they learnt how to run their own business, competing against each other to market and sell different products.

Help with hoarding

Do you struggle with the amount of stuff in your home? Or do you know someone who does? Charles now describes himself as a “former hoarder” thanks to help from our Jenny and Rebecca. Find out how they can help other people who hoard too.

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