The Urban Crew is changing children's lives

August 08 2019 | Articles | News
L R Joseph Cain Of Gmyn Champion Of Champions Lewis Quinn And Childrens Entertainer Wacky Woody

(L - R, Joseph Cain of GMYN, Champion of Champions Lewis Quinn and children's entertainer Wacky Woody)

The ‘Urban Crew’ project has brought children together from 13 different primary schools to learn new skills.

The program, which Northwards set up with the Manchester Communication Academy, gives pupils some fascinating opportunities. For example, during an ‘Enterprise Day’, they learnt how to run their own business, competing against each other to market and sell different products.

Urban Crew members also visit Northwards retirement schemes to get to know the older generation. While there, they often plant hanging baskets for the tenants, serve tea and coffee and even sing carols when it’s Christmas time.

Making an impact

The children were recently honoured at a special awards ceremony where Lewis Quinn from All Saints Primary in Newton Heath was named Urban Crew 'Champion of Champions'. He won his team a trip to Projekts Skate Part, a prize kindly donated by the Greater Manchester Youth Network (GMYN).

His teacher Mrs Keogh said: “Lewis has been an exemplary member of the Urban Crew this year. He is often seen doing Urban Crew jobs when not on duty, often tidying corridors and helping staff.

“Being in the crew has helped him gain confidence and become more assertive. He has made new friends and helped others make new friends, even mediating during arguments; a very difficult task for one so shy.”

At the end of the year, each crew member receives an ASDAN Key Steps award – the equivalent of a unit of a GCSE.

This year, children took part in the Urban Crew scheme from the following primary schools: Abbott, All Saints, Briscoe Lane, Charlestown, Christ the King, Holy Trinity, Irk Valley, Oasis Academy Harpur Mount, Seymour Road, St Augustine's, St Malachy’s, St Mary’s and Temple.

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