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August 19 2019 | Articles | News
Waste And Recycling Team

Meet the team making a stand against fly-tipping and supporting tenants to recycle.

For two years, the Waste and Recycling team have worked across our estates, starting by encouraging our high-rise residents to recycle.

Recycling facilities for high-rise blocks had never been the same as for houses, partly due to lack of space. People had got used to throwing everything down the same chute, so asking them to change how they dispose of their waste was a challenge.

But this team likes a challenge

Working with council staff, they improved the facilities and provided bags to make it easier for people to separate their waste. They visited people in their homes, knocking on 1,510 doors to get people on board!

And thankfully, people listened; recycling rates in our blocks have increased dramatically. This is helping to save the planet whilst also reducing the amount we have to pay in landfill charges, which means more money for services for our tenants.

But the challenges don't end there. The team is now focusing on smaller, low-rise blocks, which face similar issues. There are 243 of these and many of them simply don't have the room for all the recycling bins.

The team is on the case though, identifying innovative ways to help these residents recycle, like the new recycling facilities in Dam Head (pictured above) which have helped save over £20,000 a year

They are also clamping down on fly-tipping; a huge problem and one of the things residents complain about the most. By working with Manchester City Council and Biffa, who collect the waste, we've managed to identify 56 people dumping rubbish on our estates and they have been issued with warnings and fines.

Thank you to everyone who is doing their bit to recycle. You're helping to improve the environment. 

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