Stopping anti-social behaviour

January 25 2021 | Articles | News
Stopping Anti Social Behaviour

There’s a lot of work that goes into stopping anti-social behaviour (ASB). Things can take time. But if you report it to us, you can be sure we’ll do everything we can to stop it and we won’t give up.

Here’s an example of a case we were pleased to bring to an end recently...

In 2018, we started getting reports of a tenant in Newton Heath creating noise nuisance. When she didn’t respond to warnings, we took legal action and, in October 2019, we managed to get an injunction against her. Unfortunately she carried on causing problems, and we received numerous reports of her breaching the injunction.

Due to COVID and court delays, she eventually returned to court in September 2020. Our evidence against her was so overwhelming that it was likely she was going to get a six month prison sentence as well as being evicted. But to speed things up and give her neighbours some peace as quickly as possible, we offered to drop legal action if she agreed to end her tenancy.

She agreed and the judge gave her two weeks to give us the keys or return to court for sentencing. We got the keys back, but in those two weeks, she was also hit with a £200 COVID fine for having visitors around for a party.

"Leah listened to us when nobody else would"

Since then, it’s been peaceful on the street. The neighbours who complained can finally relax in their home and sleep properly. They said:

“We had to deal with loud music, banging on our walls, and abuse being shouted at us. It started to get worse and we felt we had to report it and try to sort the problem.

"From the get go, our housing officer Leah McKay has done everything possible to assure us that the issues with our neighbour will be dealt with. We cannot thank her enough for everything she has done: she listened to us when nobody else would.

"If it wasn't for her helping us with the right support, we would definitely still be putting up with all the abuse and mental torture our family have had to deal with for a long time. We really appreciate everything Leah and her team have done for us.”

We’re thankful for their patience and for helping us get the evidence we needed for the case.

Need help? Report ASB

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