Spending money wisely

November 19 2019 | Articles | News
Light Bulb

"Spending money wisely" is one of our values. It's something we think about whenever we buy a product or service, no matter how big or little!

From deciding what lightbulbs to use in our flats and retirement schemes to the contractors we use to help provide you services, value for money is at the heart of everything we do and is considered at every level of our organisation.

So much so that, this year, we have a new value for money strategy. Value for money has always been important to us, but this strategy considers more. It recognises that cost is just one element of value - we also need to think about quantity and measure how our activities impact our communities.

For example, there's no point buying loads of old-fashioned lightbulbs that don't last five minutes, even if they are cheap. It's far better to buy modern, energy-saving bulbs that cost a bit more but last a lot longer and are better for the environment.

We also want tenants to have opportunities to influence our decisions. You can find out more about how we do that under 'Reviewing our work' here on our website.

Read our 'Value for Money Strategy' (PDF 733KB) here.

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