Rolling up our sleeves to help roll out the vaccine

February 11 2021 | Articles | News
Our Claire Volunteering To Help Give Out Vaccines

(Claire, pictured on the right at the back, is one of our heads of neighbourhood services.)

As the COVID-19 vaccination programme rolls out across the city, lots of Northwards employees have been rolling up their sleeves to help out.

Claire Tyrrell, one of our heads of neighbourhood services, and Katie Raw, our regeneration officer, volunteered at the Irish Centre and Plant Hill Clinic. Katie said: “It was nice to do something positive, especially at the moment.

"We showed people where to go and sanitised the areas people were using. We got plenty of breaks and brews. Everyone was so friendly and made us feel really welcome.”

Anne Duffield, our head of policy and housing options, has also been helping out. She said: “You really feel part of the team. It’s simply a case of meeting and greeting people, and making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible for the medical staff. It’s definitely worth getting involved in.

"Everyone I’ve spoken to about it has really enjoyed their sessions – and its lovely to see real humans!”

Ross Tomlinson, one of our neighbourhood housing managers, has also volunteered at the Irish Centre. He said: “It was very well organised. In total, they vaccinated around 1,500 people over the two days, which is brilliant.

It is worthwhile to be part of something so historic. The rollout could not be carried out without the volunteers. It’s such a rewarding thing to do.”

Well said Ross, and thank you to everyone who has signed up for this. You’re helping things get back to normal!

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