Protecting our trees

November 06 2019 | Articles | News
Estate Services Tree Felling 13 Feb 2014

We work with Manchester City Council to protect and care for green spaces.

This means we will not support cutting down any tree unless there is very good reason; like the tree in our picture, which we removed because it was blocking the road after a storm.

Trees are a brilliant addition to any urban environment. They clean the air, keep us cool and provide homes for wildlife.

If a tree is causing problems, we will ask Manchester City Council for advice before taking any action. The council's tree surveying team will inspect the tree and advise us what to do.

We would never remove a tree because of falling leaves or fruit, or if it is affecting TV or phone signals.

Removing a tree yourself is a breach of the tenancy agreement and we investigate any reports of this.

What to do if you've got a problem with a tree...

If the tree is in your garden, or the garden of another Northwards property, please report the tree problem to us.

If the tree is in the street or on open land, please report the tree problem to Manchester City Council.

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