Over £500,000 of support for people struggling

February 03 2021 | Articles | News
Anita From Our Rent Team

(Anita from our rent team)

The coronavirus has affected far more than our health - our finances are suffering too.

Some people have lost their jobs, others have been furloughed and all of us are staying home more, which means our household bills have increased. Those of us with children at home face higher food bills, alongside the added pressure of home-schooling.

But the Northwards rent team have found innovative ways to support customers throughout the pandemic.

Over £500,000 of support 

From April 2020 until now, they have secured almost £300,000 in discretionary housing payments for tenants struggling to manage their bills.

And our money advisors have secured over £220,000 in additional support, which includes benefit claims, debt relief and vouchers.  

Anita Doyle, one of our senior caseworkers was thrilled to get a positive outcome for one lady who was behind with her rent.

Anita noticed that the lady’s housing benefit had been cancelled, so she got in touch with the revenues and benefits team to find out why.

They explained that she had not responded to their requests for information on her income and eventually they had cancelled her claim.

Anita managed to get in touch with her and found out she was staying with a carer while repairs were carried out on her home.

"She received a backdated payment of around £5,000"

Anita said: “I got the impression she was quite vulnerable and she seemed unsure about her income. I put her details through a pension calculator and found out she should have been claiming her state pension.

"We got that sorted straight away and she received a backdated payment of around £5,000. I also put in an appeal with the revenues and benefits team. They reopened her housing benefit claim, clearing almost £2,000 of rent arrears.

"I was so delighted with the outcome of this case and so pleased to have been able to help this lady.”

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