Is your home right for you?

July 08 2019 | Articles | News
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As we get older, it's important to think about where we will live and whether we think we will be able to manage in our home as time goes by.

There are lots of options if you want to chat - whether that means moving to a smaller home or making some changes to the place where you live.

Housing Options for Older People (HOOP)

HOOP is a service for Manchester residents aged 50 and over. The team does everything from giving practical advice to actually helping people find a new home that's better for them.

For example, here's how they helped a gentleman called Peter who found things difficult after a stay in hospital...

Peter's story 

Peter, 76, lived on his own in a two-bedroomed house. He had to go to hospital after a serious fall. Hospital staff felt that going back to his current home could be dangerous, so they put Peter in touch with HOOP.

HOOP workers spoke to him to find out what he would like to do. not only did they help to find him a safer home in a retirement scheme, they also helped arrange a removal company and even helped him unpack!

They don't just help people who need to move urgently - they can also help you consider where you might live in the future, including if you live in a larger house and would like a smaller home.

If you would like to speak to someone from HOOP, call Frances on 0161 720 5805.


The Adaptations team at the council can help make changes to your home or give you equipment that can make life easier. This could range from things like walking frames and bath seats to walk-in showers and stair lifts. Northwards will arrange any work to your home.

To apply, just call Manchester City Council's Service for Independent Living on 0161 234 5001.

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