How we can help with hoarding

May 13 2019 | Articles | News
Jenny Maguire And Rebecca Oyelade

(L-R, Jenny and Rebecca)

Hoarding can be a big problem. Sometimes it can stop people from being able to do normal things around the home, like using their kitchen, bathroom or even their bed.

Helping people who hoard things is tricky. The reason why someone does it is different for each person. It takes time to understand the cause and how to help them.

Jenny and Rebecca (pictured) spend a long time getting to know someone who struggles with hoarding.

"There's always a trigger, often related to childhood trauma," said Rebecca. "We have the time to really get to know the tenant, get to the bottom of what that reason is and help them to get the support that they need.

"We're going in with a really slow approach. We know we may have cases on our hands for a couple of years, but ultimately it's about helping people."

Charles' story

Charles Mcdermott

Charles, 67, lives in Victoria Square in Ancoats. Thanks to Jenny and Rebecca's help, he now describes himself as a "former hoarder".

"12 months ago, the flat was in a terrible state," he said. "If you entered a room, you had to walk backwards out of it - there was no room to turn.

"There were stacks of newspapers from as far back as 10 years ago in my bedroom; I even had a copy of the last edition of the 'News of the World'.

"I'm finding it easier to get rid of things when there's someone with me I can trust. Jenny and Rebecca's help has made a big difference.

"I've been able to keep what I really want to keep but get rid of what's not worth keeping. We must have filled about 20 bags each week with things that are of no use to man or beast.

"If hoarding is a problem for you, tell Northwards because they can help."

If you know anyone who you think would benefit from Jenny and Rebecca's help, please email  

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