Getting to know our customers

April 23 2020 | Articles | News
Call Centre Staff Working From Home

We're calling our customers to see if they need any support during the lockdown.

It’s been really worthwhile. We’ve called over 2,000 people so far - some are really isolated and we’ve helped them arrange to get shopping and prescriptions delivered.
Sometimes, we’ve just enjoyed a good chat!

We’re also using the extra time to get to know our customers a bit better and make sure the services we offer are right for individuals.

So when we call, we’re asking a few extra questions. Things like:
  • checking your contact details
  • asking how you prefer to get information from us
  • finding out if you have any disabilities
We will never ask for financial information. The answers you give will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be used to help us improve our services to you.

If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from Northwards Housing that you are not sure is genuine, please contact us for verification.

Take care.

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