Got the Xtra Factor? You could win 1,000!

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Lucky day: Could you be the next winner of a big prize?

Want a crack at winning a cool 1,000 three times a year - and a chance of lots of other cash prizes?

Want to enter regular competitions with sparkling prizes like LCD televisions, laptop computers and washing machines?

Our prize scheme - Northwards Xtra - is right up your street!

Where's the catch?

There isn't one! Just answer YES to these questions to get your Xtra Factor and be eligible for great prizes:

  • have you been a Northwards tenant or leaseholder for 12 months or more?
  • do you have a clear rent account, or service charge account - or owe no more than 150?
  • are you one of the vast majority of tenants who has not broken the rules in the tenancy agreement, and is not under investigation for antisocial behaviour?

Fit the bill? Congratulations . . . you've got the Northwards Xtra Factor. Three times a year, your name goes automatically into our prize draw. No need to do anything - just keep your fingers crossed!

First prize is 1,000, second prize is 500 and third is 250. And that's not all. The Xtra Factor means you can enter the great new competitions in our regular newsletter Northwards Natter.


We'll have fantastic prizes up for grabs in the regular draws - be the first out of the hat to win:


To see some of the prize winners look in our regular newsletter the Northwards Natter.

Do you qualify

See terms and conditions and competition rules.

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