Northwards & the City Council

Rent, rights & responsibilities

Northwards Housing manages your home, but it is owned by Manchester City Council. This means that, by law, you are a 'council tenant'.

Your tenancy agreement gives you exactly the same rights and responsibilities as other Manchester council tenants - the right to buy your home for example.


Although Northwards Housing collects your rent, Manchester City Council is your landlord. So it's the council that sets the level of rent for your home. Manchester uses the same rules as other councils and housing associations to calculate rents and keep them affordable. So the rent you pay Northwards Housing is the same as you would have paid if the City Council still managed your home.

Northwards follows City Council rent-collection policies - giving support and advice to tenants with genuine debt problems, but taking tough action against persistent non-payers.

And if you are are up-to-date with your rent you get the same two 'free weeks' every year as other city council tenants.

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