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Free replacement light bulbs

If you need a replacement light bulb for your kitchen and bathroom, we will give you the first one free.

Nearly all of our properties have energy saving fluorescent bulbs in the kitchen and bathroom. This is because they use 80% less energy than the old bulbs and last up to 15 times longer, meaning you hardly ever need to change them.

We do everything we can to save energy, but we understand that when these bulbs finally run out, they are expensive to replace. That's why we're pleased to be able to offer a replacement to you completely for free.

How to get your replacement bulbs:

When your kitchen or bathroom bulb finally stops working, just go down to your local neighbourhood office and ask for a new one. Please bring some proof of tenancy with you. We will give you your free lightbulb there and then.

The only conditions are that you come to the office to collect it and you fit it yourself.

Not sure how to fit a new lightbulb? See here.