People barred from rehousing

Rehousing Review List

The Rehousing Review List (RRL) is a list of names and addresses of people who are not allowed to get a Manchester council home (including a Northwards home) because of something they have done.

This is so that we don't let homes to people who have had a tenancy in the past and not stuck to the terms of it - for example because they have rent arrears or caused problems for their neighbours or didn't end the tenancy properly.

How might the RRL affect you?

If you apply for a council home in Manchester (including a Northwards home), and your name is on our Rehousing Review List, we will not offer you a home until you have put things right - which will include paying off any money you owe - or until we're satisfied that your behaviour has changed and you will be a suitable tenant.

Everyone on the RRL has the right to know why they are listed and to appeal against being on the list.

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