Look for a Northwards home

man and child Look to the future: use the Homefinder website to see available homes from local landlords.

Look on the Manchester Move website for available homes run by Northwards and other not-for-profit landlords in Manchester. It's about you choosing a home and applying for it yourself, rather than just sitting on a waiting list.

Property sizes - what you can apply for

Because of the housing benefit changes that the government have introduced, we’ve made some changes to the way we let homes. These are to protect tenants from the debt that they could find themselves in if they took on a property which the government deems to be too big for them. Find out more about property sizes - what you can apply for.

Need specialist housing?

Do you need specialist housing such as a home adapted for a disabled person? These homes are not advertised on Manchester Move. Contact us to find out how get a home like this.

Looking for retirement housing

Are you looking for Northwards retirement housing? It's independent living with security and peace of mind for people over 60. We'll help you through the whole rehousing process. Call us on 0161 720 5802, or find out more about retirement housing.

Can't find a home?

If you can't find anything on Manchester Move, or you've been registered for a long time, see how your chance of a home has been worked out. Then increase your prospects by:

  • looking at  other housing options you may not have considered
  • asking us how to increase your prospects - contact us to arrange a rehousing interview.

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