Home too small?

If your Northwards home is overcrowded, there are several things we can do to help your situation and plan for your future.

Get advice from us

Our Rehousing Team will be able to talk with you about your living conditions, and help to assess your rehousing application. Once we've done this, we'll be able to tell you how long you'll need to wait for a new home. We won't be able to find everyone a bigger house immediately. If you need a big property with four or more bedrooms then the wait may be even longer. We can also help you to see other options - perhaps an area that you haven't thought of before.

Help to become a private renter

Whether you are a Northwards tenant, or staying with family or friends in one of our properties, we can help. Private renting is often more expensive but it offers a lot of benefits, which could be the best short-term option for you e.g. six month rent terms, more space, and a more up-to-date place. Click here for advice on looking for a private home to rent.

Swapping your home

While you need more space, there are plenty of people that are also looking for a smaller property and doing a swap might be a quicker way to get the house you need. We are a partner in Homeswapper. This is a free scheme that helps people to exchange homes across the UK. Once you've registered with Homeswapper, you'll receive emails or texts when you've found a match. 

Find the right place online

You can also use Manchester Move to look for homes. Like Homeswapper, the service is simple and easy to use. We can even show you how to register and upload photos.  If you don't have access to a PC at home, we have free internet access for all our tenants in all our three offices. You can also use the PC at the Sure Start centre in Newton Heath and libraries across Manchester.

Find space out there

Sometimes, a little living space is a good idea. Just getting out in the day can make a big difference. If you have children, we can talk to you about local groups for mums and toddlers. We can help you find a college course, for you to learn new skills and meet new people. Find out what's on offer from Surestart centres in north Manchester. Getting in touch is the first step to getting out of the house. What's more, who knows where it might lead.

Get in touch

Contact us to speak to a member of the Rehousing team.

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