Your chance of a home

family Don't just sit there! Check out your prospects of getting a home, and how to increase them

There are lots of people looking to move to a Northwards home. In some areas, and for some property types, you have little chance of getting a place quickly; while things can be easier elsewhere.

Your chances of getting a home depend on several things:

  • Your rehousing priority
    You go into one of 6 bands depending on your needs and circumstances. The more urgent your need to move the higher your band.
  • What you apply for
    There's more demand for homes in some areas than others. And some property types become available more regularly than others. Your chances increase if you apply for more areas (see our area guides) and consider more types of homes (see high-rise living for instance).
  • Whether you have a connection to an area or a working household
    You may get more of a chance if you have a 'community contribution' to an area you want or have a working household. . You may qualify for this for example: if you have lived there for over three years and have paid your rent on time and kept to tenancy rules. You're asked about a community contribution and working household when you register for rehousing. If you're already registered and don't have a community contribution, find out if you may now qualify - contact us for details.

Check your prospects in each area

The Northwards area is split into smaller 'rehousing areas'. See the number of homes in each area, the number filled in a year by new tenants, and the average queue dates of people who get different types of homes - go to How many Properties become available every year?

How long will I have to wait for an offer?

It is impossible for us to give you an exact date of when you might get an offer of a new home. We do try to do our best to give you an idea, but this depends on lots of different things - go to How long will I have to wait for a property?

Got little chance?

If you have got little prospect of getting a home quickly, increase your chances by:

  • looking at other housing options you may not have considered
  • asking us how to increase your prospects - contact us for advice.

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