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In loving Memory of Grace Choularton

Grace Choularton

Grace Choularton with residents

It is with sadness that we announce that Grace Choularton, a much loved community figure and Chair of the Broadmoss Tenants and Residents Association, has passed away.

For many years, Grace was a good friend to Northwards Housing and Manchester Council Housing Services, and she was part of the Northwards story right from the start.

Described as 'the heart and soul of Rusland Court', Grace cared deeply for her local community and worked tirelessly to improve it. She was a member of a wide range of panels and groups, including the Fourways Area Panel.

Grace wasn't afraid to let people know what she thought, even when she believed that they were in the wrong or that what they were doing wasn't coming up to scratch. But she always did it in the right spirit; with common sense and a wonderful sense of humour. She always praised people when they did something well or a plan came together, and she took great pride in the achievements of local people in improving their area.

Most of all Grace was one of those people who made a difference in everything she did. The world is a better place for having had her in it and she will be sadly missed by all.

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