Owe rent? We can help

Having trouble paying the rent? Don't let things get worse . . . contact us now!

We understand the problems of getting by on a limited budget, so we're ready to help you sort things out. You don't have to pay off what you owe all at once - we can work out a plan for you to pay off the arrears in regular amounts you can afford. We can check you're getting the right benefits - or use the online benefit calculator to check yourself! We can help fill out forms and chase up delayed benefit payments.

But you need to move fast! If you don't tell us you've got a problem, or if you don't keep to an agreement to pay off the debt, we will take legal action. And that could mean eviction.

Make an agreement to pay

Make an agreement to pay off your rent arrears before things get worse. Tell us how much you can pay each week, or arrange to talk to someone about a repayment agreement. 

Falling behind with other payments?

Have you got other money worries too? Our expert debt advisers are ready to help you sort out your priorities. They can contact the other people you owe - banks, catalogues, loan companies, door collectors and so on. They may be able to arrange for you to make smaller payments until you get back on top of things.

Don't let things get worse . . . contact us online now, or phone 03000 123 123. A special adviser will arrange to meet you at home, or in the office, to start to put things right.

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