Why get involved?

Any organisation works better if it gives its customers the services they want, in the way they want them.

We know that involving people in managing their homes and estates is vital to deliver better housing services and improve the quality of life for local communities. That's why we want the views of people who live in our communities - people like you!

Genuine tenant involvement gives you more of a say - as an individual or through a tenants' or residents' group. It means you can take part in local decisions about how your estate is run, and gives you the chance to have input into wider policy changes that affect all tenants.

How we consult

We will not dictate how we consult. We must get together with our tenants to find the best forms of participation for particular issues. So we tailor consultation to match the needs of different communities in different situations. We want our services to be accessible to everyone so we may aim some consultation at, for example, younger tenants, or people from the black and ethnic minority communities.

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