Start a tenants and residents group

If there isn't a tenants' group in your area already (see list of groups), why not start one yourself? Here's what to do . . .

Contact us for expert friendly advice. One of our Resident Involvement Officers will explain what's involved in setting up and running a group. Contact us online here; or phone us on 03000 123 123.

We will give you all the help you need to get a group up and running. We'll tell you how you to:

  • raise interest among people in your area
  • identify your group's aims and objectives
  • hold a first public meeting to recruit members
  • apply for cash grants to get going
  • set up regular meetings with local housing staff to discuss local issues and spending priorities.

We'll also explain how we formally recognise a new group so that it qualifies for funding and the right to regular involvement.

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