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Q36 If the expected waiting time for a house in Harpurhey is 2 to 3 years why have I been waiting over 4 years?

A The average waiting time for properties within Harpurhey is 2-3 years but this varies according to individual circumstances and in particular the type of property required. If we have less housing stock of the size that is required then the waiting time is likely to be longer. For your own individual prospects advice based on your circumstances then you can speak to your Rehousing Officer over the phone or by appointment at one of our offices. Michelle Blakeley, Chair Neighbourhood and Quality Services Sub-Committee

Q35 Could you please tell me if there is any case of asbestos in our home and if so what kind and where can it be found.
Mr Rourke, Purgin Walk, Harpurhey

A We have checked our records on your property and there is no indication to say that there is asbestos in your home. However, we are keen to identify problems with asbestos in the homes that we look after - and we'll soon be doing a 'sample survey' (random checks) of homes in the area. If you want to know more, you can click on the link below to see our 'Asbestos in your home' leaflet or you can find it in your tenant's handbook.
Richard Lockwood, Chair Procurement and Property Sub-Committee

Q34 What is you policy about how often rent statements are sent out? The last one we received was from the Council up to the end of October 2005.

A Rent statements are ordinarily sent out twice a year. Rent statements for Northwards tenants were issued in early August 2006, and the Northwards Housing phone service is available for all queries. You can also ask for a statement at any time if you contact us, and check your balance on the Northwards Housing Website.
Harvey Norton, Chair Resource & Governance Sub Committee

Q33 When are you going to get rent and council tax down? You can do this if you cut the over rated pay packets of Police and Council big wigs.
J Wilkinson, Newton Heath

A The setting of rents for all social housing providers is restricted by Government policy on a national basis. The government have specified that rents should be set in line with their target for landlords to equalise their rents by 2012, this process is called 'Rent restructuring'. Although Manchester is currently undergoing a rent restructuring process, it has in fact increased its rents for 2006/7 below the level of inflation, at just 2.7%. The setting of the annual Council Tax charge is the responsibility of Manchester City Council.
Harvey Norton, Chair Resource & Governance Sub Committee

Q32 I would like Direct Debit to pay my rent by. Council Tax is payable by Direct debit but only standing order for rent. As I pay all my bills by direct debt I would like to pay my rent also by direct debt.

A Northwards Housing is currently working in partnership with Manchester City Council to allow its tenants to pay by Direct Debit. A pilot scheme has recently been launched, and if successful we hope to be able to offer Northwards tenants the option of Direct Debit by November 2006.
Harvey Norton, Chair Resource & Governance Sub Committee

Q31 Having read the newsletter front to back three times my eyes did not deceive me! No mention of Newton Heath what a disgrace, No 'Summer fun' for us No 'Zest activities' for us why? why? why?
S Castle, Newton Heath

A When we made contact with Zest and others for information to publicise in our Summer newsletter, we didn't receive any information about activities in Newton Heath. However, we know they exist and you were right to raise it. To put this right, we're having a feature which focuses on activities in the Newton Heath area in the Autumn edition of the newsletter.
Michelle Blakeley, Chair Performance and Quality Sub Committee

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