Can't see what you want? FIND IT!

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Child's play: use the sections, the site map, or the search to find what you want

The Northwards website covers all our main housing services; so you should be able to find what you want. But if you're having trouble, here's what to do . . .

There are four main ways to find something:

1. Use the main sections and navigation

Pick a section, and follow the clear links to get to what you need. The website is divided into six main sections. Once you're into the site you can always get to another main section by using the tabs at the top of every page. Use the links in the left hand side-bar to move to other parts of the section you're in.

The six sections are:

  • At your service; covering all the everyday housing services you might need. It's the biggest part of the site, so it's divided again into different subjects like repairs, rent, and services covering your home, estate and neighbourhood.
  • Home improvements; all about the work we are doing to improve every Northwards home.
  • Rehousing & Manchester Move; finding a Northwards home, or a home with another landlord.
  • Your Northwards; how we're run, what we do, how we perform.
  • Have your say; tenant involvement, comments and questions.
  • News & publications; Northwards in the news, online publications, getting information.

2. Use the site map

A site map is a bit like the contents page of a book. It lists, in one place, all the different pages on the whole site. The list is organised into clear sections, so you can go straight to a page rather than navigate through several links. There's a link to the site map at the bottom of every page on the site.

3. Use the search

The 'Search' box is at the top of every page on Northwards Online. Type a word or phrase (put phrases in quotes "like this" to see a list of pages that include that word, or that phrase. The search engine is provided by Google - check Google search tips for more information.

4. Use the online services

You can do lots of 'interactive' things on this website - like pay your rent, see your rent statement, order a repair, or request a whole range of services using our online forms. It means you can ask for a Northwards service at any time of the day or night, at weekends or on bank holidays. Do it Online links to all these services from one page.

Other ways to find your way

Wherever you are on the website you can get back to the home page by clicking the Northwards logo at the top left of the page, or by picking 'Home' in the bar below the logo.

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