Estate walkabouts

Join us when we come and check out your area

Staff carrying out an estate walkabout

A decent environment means a better quality of life for local people. A well-cared-for estate gives residents a pride in their area and encourages new tenants to move there.

We carry out regular 'estate walkabouts' with local people to make sure your estate is up-to-scratch. We look out for problems, and make sure they're sorted out quickly and efficiently. The walkabouts highlight issues that concern local people, and identify things we can do to improve your area.

Want to join us?

Want to come with us on a walkabout around your estate? Here's when and where we're meeting . . .

If your area isn't listed here, contact us, or send us your details. We'll let you know when we'll be down your way. Or, if you've spotted a problem on your estate, report it here now!

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