Taking over a tenancy

Northwards Housing manages your home, but it is owned by Manchester City Council. This means that, by law, the tenant in a Northwards home is a 'council tenant'.

You can apply to take over the tenancy from a tenant who is moving out of the home, or no longer wants to be the tenant. (If the tenant has died see death of a tenant).

But you can only apply if:

  • the current tenant has officially told Northwards Housing (or Manchester City Council) that they want to give up the tenancy - called 'giving notice'. To do this, they can write to their local Northwards housing office, or give notice online here; and
  • you were living at the same address as the tenant when they 'gave notice'; and
  • you still live at that address now.

We do not legally have to agree to your request - it depends on your circumstances and whether the property could be more suitable for another type of household (like a family for instance). But we will not turn it down without a good reason.

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