If you could see yourself would you see abuse?

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The Home Office has launched a new campaign to challenge teenagersí attitudes to violence and abuse in relationships.

The adverts send a strong message to 13 to 18 year olds, challenging them to stop abusive behaviour, and seek help, as well as highlighting the signs and consequences of abuse.

Recent research by the NSPCC uncovered that young people have shockingly tolerant views on the acceptability of violence in relationships and that it is surprisingly common.

Although both sexes experience violence, research shows that the impact of this is much greater for girls. A quarter of girls and 18 per cent of boys reported some form of physical violence, while nearly three quarters of girls reported some sort of emotional abuse in their relationships.

Abuse can take many forms, be it physical, emotional, sexual or even financial, where someone may be forced to work, or have money taken from them.

We can help

Find out more about domestic abuse, and how we can help.

If you are in immediate danger

If there is an immediate threat of violence phone 999, or get someone else to phone immediately.

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