The appointment system

You can make an appointment to get most repairs done at a time that's convenient for you. Appointments are available:

  • Monday - Friday (four slots from early morning to late afternoon)
  • Wednesday evenings (5 - 7pm) & Saturday mornings (9am-12pm) for smaller general repairs, including gas and electric. However, these appointments cannot be booked online and must be arranged by calling 03000 123 123.

No need to wait in all day for someone to turn up!

When you order a repair we'll offer you an appointment for that job, and give you other times to choose from if necessary. The first appointment  will be within the deadline time for that repair - so for a 'three-day' repair you will be able to pick an appointment for some time within the next three working days.

Please make sure someone is at home at the appointment time. Repairs are done by City Council workers. Always ask for and check identification - all City council and Northwards workers carry ID cards with their photos on.

Repairs that do not get an appointment

When you ask for a repair we give the work a deadline it must be done by. You can get an appointment for most repairs, except . . .

We don't make appointments for emergency call-outs because they are done so quickly - we just tell you to stay at home and wait for the worker to call.

Six week repairs
When you order one of these repairs we won't immediately offer you an appointment. This is because we wait until we have got several jobs of the same type and then do them in one batch. But it will be done some time within the next six weeks. We will contact you when we know the exact date.

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