Rent-free weeks

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The rent you have to pay is worked out over 50 weeks of the year. That means there are two weeks when it's not due.

The rent-free weeks are:

  • the week that includes Christmas day (or the following week if Christmas day is over the weekend)
  • the week starting the first Monday in April

Do you owe rent?

If you are in rent arrears you do not get rent-free weeks. You must continue to pay in these weeks. See owe rent? We can help.

Do you pay through your bank or building society?

If you pay rent every month through your bank or building society, your monthly payment takes the rent-free weeks into account - so no need to do anything.

If you set up a weekly standing order you have a choice:

  • Pay the rent every week of the year - even in the rent-free weeks. That means you would be two weeks in credit at the end of the year - find out how to get a refund of this credit
  • Or set up an order that just pays for 50 weeks - you would need to tell your bank which two weeks not to pay
  • Or, if you want to pay over 52 weeks but not go into credit, work out a 52 week rent figure and tell your bank

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