An accessible web page

We want our website to be easy to use, and as accessible as possible to all types of people, using different types of computer systems or other devices.

An accessible website doesn't exclude anyone because they have a visual impairment or another disability, or because they are older, or because they have a slow internet connection or lack the latest software.

It means that everyone can understand it, navigate around it, contribute to it and use its interactive services.

The 'W3C' symbol confirms that a web page meets a certain level of accessibility. W3C is the 'World Wide Web Consortium' - it sets global standards for website accessibility. There are strict rules for meeting the standards, and different ratings depending on the level of accessibility.

A web page that is not accessible at all gets no rating. Then there are three levels of accessibility, shown by the number of As in the the symbol. A single A is the basic level - the minimum standards that a good website should meet, up to the maximum rating of AAA.

Find out more about Northwards web accessibility.

Find out more about W3C and web accessibility.

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