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Performance reports

We publish performance reports as part of our regular board meetings.

Performance Quarter 1 2018/19

Performance Quarter 2 2018/19

End of year performance 2017/18

896 Of Calls Answered

59 Of Calls Answered Within 20 Seconds

875 Satisfaction With Our Customer Service Centre

104 Of Calls Abandoned

Percentage of calls abandoned refers to the number of calls made to our Customer Service Centre during which the person making the call hangs up before their call is answered.

994 Satisfaction With Repairs

43 Of Northwards Homes Non Decent

Percentage of 'non-decent' Northwards homes is the percentage of homes which do not meet the 'Decent Homes standard'.

The Decent Homes standard is a level of quality set by the government. A home is considered 'decent' if:

  • it meets the HHSRS minimum safety standards for housing

  • it's in a reasonable state of repair

  • it has reasonably modern facilities and services

  • it has efficient heating and effective insulation

95 Out Of Ten Satisfaction With Home Improvements

97 Of Improvement Work Completed Within Agreed Timescale

100 Of Homes Have A Valid Gas Safety Certificate

9595 Of Repairs Completed On Time Target 985

9577 Of Repairs Completed On First Visit

967 Of Repairs Appointments Kept

3659 Days Average Relet Time

Average relet time is how long it takes for a property to be rented out to a new tenant after the previous tenant has left.

087 Void Rent Loss

Void rent loss refers to actual rent lost as a result of a home being empty.

99 Rent Collected

91 Of Complaints Responded To Within Ten Days Of The Complaint Being Made

92 Of Written Responses To Councillors And Mps Within Five Business Days

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